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The Museum at Kastellet

The largest museum in the archipelago

Our museum describes the defense of the Stockholm archipelago and the exciting history of the Vaxholm fortress during a revolutionary time period of 500 years.

The history of the Vaxholm fortress begins at the start of the 16th century with a blockhouse on the island Vaxholmen, built by the head of nation Svante Nilsson Sture. In accordance with the decision made by the parliament in Västerås 1544, Gustav Vasa commissioned in 1548 the constable at the Stockholm castle to build a new and sturdier fortress, and also to block the sound Oxdjupet with stones.

The fortress has on two occasions worked as defense when Stockholm has been under attack; the first time in 1612, when the Danes attacked and the second time in 1719 when the Russians ravaged in the Stockholm archipelago.

The old fortress was demolished and replaced with the current one in 1833-1863.

With the fast development of arms and weapons it was suspected that the walls of the fortress wouldn’t be able to stand an attack, which was proved in 1872 when a test shooting was performed.

In 1877 the defense was moved from Vaxholm to Oxdjupet where the fort Oscar-Fredriksborg had been built. Vaxholms Kastell was used until Word War II, mainly for education and administration for the coastal artillery.

Today the Vaxholm fortress serves its purpose as museum and a place of traditions.

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