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Prisoners at the fortress

Having fun together!

The Prisoners at the Fortress are an activity where the participants are faced with both clever and physical challenges. The group are divided into teams of 10 people/team and will use a map to get around to 10 different stations some were on the island. An activity guide follows each team to give the team a mission at the different stations. The key to success is good teamwork!

You are divided into teams and using a map the teams will, together with their activity guide, find stations with different kinds of challenges, all around the island. The team will together try and solve the challenges, which can be both tricky and physically challenging. The teams collect points and the activity ends with a fun treasure hunt where one team will be the winner.

Since some stations are darkish and can be a bit scary for smaller children and also because some challenges demand a certain height we have a recommended age of 9 years old.

The Prisoners at the Fortress are an activity where the tempo can sometimes be high. We recommend durable clothes after prevailing weather conditions and comfortable shoes during the activity. Below are examples of some of the stations that are included in the activity: 

Dont touch the floor

The Ladders

 Labyrinth Table



Number of participants:  10-100 persons
Suited for: Recommended from 9 years
Duration: 2 hours
Season: All year
Starting times: 09.00, 11.30, 14.30 or 17.00
Price/person: SEK 585 (incl. VAT)