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Traditional Christmas buffet in magnificent vaults

Our Christmas buffet has become a pleasant tradition for many families, friends and businesses.
We serve our Christmas buffet from the end of November and until Christmas. Under cosily lit brick arches, the Christmas buffet is served in Restaurang Pansarbatteriet at Vaxholm Citadel and features delicious Christmas food: pickled herring, gravlax, smoked fish, spiced meat roll, duck, meatballs, pickled pears, Christmas candy and so much more.
Our KRAV-labelled Christmas buffet includes as much locally sourced produce as possible, including cheese from Ostmakeriet in Rindö and beer from Waxholms Bryggeri.
Enjoy a peaceful and pleasant boat trip with our Christmas buffet boat, either from Strandvägen in Stockholm or from Vaxholm. During the boat trip from Strandvägen, we treat you to mulled wine and ginger snaps.
Top off your Christmas buffet by trying one of our fun team activities before you sit down and enjoy all the delicious food. Choose between the Christmas Team Challenge and the Christmas Prisoners at the Fortress.

We always follow the recommendations made by the Swedish Health Authority that applies to the date of the event / date in question.

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Christmas buffet – Afternoon seating

  • Christmas buffet, afternoon SEK 465-499
  • Children 7-15 years SEK 250
  • Children 3-6 years (max. 2 children/adult) SEK 75
  • Children 0-2 years (max. 2 children/adult) SEK 0

Christmas buffet – Dinner seating

  • Christmas buffet, dinner 635-735 kr
  • Children 7-15 years SEK 250
  • Children 3-6 years (max. 2 children/adult) SEK 75
  • Children 0-2 years (max. 2 children/adult) SEK 0

Boat prices - Adult

  • Strandvägen, Stockholm-Vaxholms Kastell (Round trip) SEK 170
  • Strandvägen, Stockholm-Vaxholms Kastell (Single) SEK 113
  • Vaxholm-Vaxholms Kastell (Round trip) SEK 90
  • Vaxholm-Vaxholms Kastell (Single) SEK 45

Boat prices - Children

  • Boat trip children 7-13 years half the adult price
  • Boat trip children 0-6 years SEK 0

All prices include VAT.
During the boat trip from Strandvägen to the Citadel, we treat you to mulled wine and ginger snaps

Boat times - Afternoon seating

Departure Strandvägen 12.45 – Arrival Kastellet 13.30
Departure Vaxholm 13.45 – Arrival Kastellet 13.50
Departure Kastellet 16.30 – Arrival Vaxholm 16.35 – Arrival Strandvägen 17.30

Boat times - Dinner seating

Departure Strandvägen 18.15 – Arrival Kastellet 19.05
Departure Vaxholm 19.10 – Arrival Kastellet 19.15
Departure Kastellet 22.15 – Arrival Vaxholm 22.20 – Arrival Strandvägen 23.15

Christmas activities - Team Challenge


The Christmas Team Challenge takes place indoors in the warm and in teams of up to ten people that tackle six stations. This requires the use of both brain and body – and teamwork. In the Christmas Team Challenge, several companies could compete against each other at the same time, with one team winning each Team Challenge. At the end of the Christmas buffet period, the team with the highest score wins a full-day conference with an activity and dinner for 10 people.

Numbers: 10-80 persons
Suitable for: Everyone – not physically demanding
Clothing: Comfortable shoes
Time: 12.15-13.45 or 17.15 -18.45
Price: SEK 316/pers excl. VAT (SEK 395 incl. VAT)*
Period: from December 1 2021

Christmas activities - Prisoners at the Fortress


Prisoners at the Fortress is the ideal activity before your Christmas buffet. Some parts of this activity take place outdoors. The group is divided into teams of up to ten people who, with the help of a map, visit ten different stations to face different challenges together. These include the Labyrinth, the Ladders, the Pots, the Slippery Wall and the Flipper Billiard.

Numbers: 10-80 persons
Suitable for: Everyone – you decide the tempo
Clothing: According to weather conditions. Comfortable shoes, hat & gloves
Time: 11.45-13.45 or 16.45-18.45
Price: SEK 316/pers. excl. VAT (SEK 395 incl. VAT) *
Periodfrom December 1 2021