Kastellet Vaxholm

Konst i skärgården

William Brown at Kastellet

William Brown at Kasetellet i Vaxholm

William Brown

William Brown was born in the United States and grew up in South Florida where he started a landscape design and installation company in the early 80´s. 

¨Designing gardens is a living form of art and several aspects of this process extended to the art I create now on canvas¨. 

William currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden, working as a fine artist in his private studio at Vaxholm’s Castle. He is particularly drawn to Still Life painting although he also enjoys figure and landscape painting.

William relocated to Sweden in 2011 and studied drawing and painting in the style and tradition of old masters at S.A.R.A. The Swedish Academy of Realist Art. William´s work has been exhibited and sold locally in Sweden as well as internationally in USA.

Öppettider / Opening hours 2020

Maj, 16-31: Måndag-Fredag 11-16, Lördag-Söndag 12-16
Juni, 1-18: Måndag-Fredag 11-16, Lördag-Söndag 12-16
Midsommar: stängt
Juni, 21-30: Måndag-Fredag 10-17, Lördag-Söndag 11-17
Juli-Augusti: Måndag-Fredag 10-17, Lördag-Söndag 11-17
September, 1-13: Måndag-Fredag 10-17, Lördag-Söndag 12-17

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