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Walk the Plank

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Will you dare to take the step?

Book the coolest adrenaline challenge at Vaxholms Kastell, Walk the plank.
95 stairs up in the tower, the pulse is increasing, adrenaline pumping, legs shaking and your forehead is damp from sweat! Will you dare to take the step over the edge and drop 18 meters down and land in the gravel on the fortress courtyard?

The experience as a whole

The activity guide will secure you in the Quick Jump module. You will then step up into the window and balance out on to the plank. The plank sticks out from the top window in the tower and is somewhat tilted downwards .

At the end of the plank you will stop and take a deep breath. After that you will decide yourself when to take the step out and fall down towards the ground. The safety device will break the drop softly before you land on your feet on the fortress courtyard.

Season: Contact our support for information and bookings.
Duration: approx. 30 mins
Price: 195 SEK/person (incl. VAT)
Drop height: 18 meters
Height: 95 stairs
Weight: 30-130 kg (66-286 lbs)
Min age: 7 years (min 30 kg/66 lbs)

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Q & A

What is the age limit?

The minimum age is 7 years and you have to weigh at least 30 kg (66 lbs). Children under the age of 18 need parents consent.

When is it open and when can you book?

Walk the plank open on 5 May. More information on opening hours will be posted soon. To book send an email to info@kastellet.com or call +46 8-1200 4870.

Where do you go for DROP IN-jumping?

For drop-in please check in and pay at the Bistro.

Can anyone jump?

Yes, anyone over the age of 7 and who weighs between 30 and 130 kg (66-286 lbs). The activity should not be done by people who:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have heart problems
  • Have spinal cord injuries, a weak back or other back injuries
  • Have weak body constitution or is in bad physical condition

If you have any physical or medical conditions that can affect your ability to jump from high altitude with full charge of adrenaline you should consult a doctor before participating.

How is the landing?

The landing is controlled and you touch down softly on your feet on the fortress courtyard.

Q & A


Is there any jerk in the fall?

There is no jerk; the drop starts with a free-fall followed by a soft landing.

Can I fall in to the tower?

No, no matter how windy or if your jump is askew you can not fall in to the tower.

Who built Walk the plank?

The assembly has been done according to EU-regulations for rope and climbing facilities: EN-NS-15567-1 by experts from Hoyt o Lauvt in Norway.

What is the Quick Jump module?

The Quick Jump Free Fall module contains an advanced, self-regulating break system. The patented break mechanism offers the jumper an initial free-fall followed by a controlled landing. Regardless if you weigh 30 or 120 kg you will drop to the ground at the same speed after you have stepped out into the air.

Can you combine Walk the plank with any of your other activities?

Of course! Book Walk the plank for example after finishing “Fångarna på Kastellet” (“Prisoners at the Fortress”), either for just a few of you, or the whole group. Walk the plank is the perfect challenge for the bride/groom at the bachelorette/bachelor party. Or why not challenge the boss?