Welcome to Kastellet

Kastellet Escape Adventure

Escape is an exciting and interactive experience at Vaxholms Kastell. The game begins with you and your team being locked in a prison cell. Then the clock starts and it’s time to try and get out by solving interactive puzzles, mysteries and riddles.

No previous skills are required, only that you use your creativity and intelligence, collaborate and communicate to find the clues, solve the riddles and get out. You only have 45 minutes so you need to be quick!

Opening Hours

Open: Contact our support for information and bookings.
Time: Approximately  45 minutes (locked) & 60 minutes in total.
Price: Adults 275: – / per person (incl. VAT).
Children under 15 years (only accompanied by an adult): 175:-/person (incl. VAT).
Number: 2-6 persons.
Age: 15 years or from 10 years in the company of an adult.

Q & A

What is Room Escape or “Escape from a room “?

Room Escape is a type of live game where the team is locked in a room and must use what they find in the room to solve a lot of puzzles, find clues and escape within 45 minutes.

How many games are there?

We currently have 1 room active. Based on demand we plan to open three more. Follow us on Facebook for more info on when the other rooms will open.

What time do I have to arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes before booked time. On arrival you will get a brief introduction on how to play and what to expect followed by an introduction specific to the story of your room. Since this is a live event, we can not delay your game, as it will have a negative impact on the rest of the day’s games. We reserve the right to deduct time from your 60 minutes due to delay so that we can adhere to the schedule. For the trip to Kastellet you can read more here.

Number of people on the team

We recommend that the team should be between 2 and 6 players with four as the optimal number. 

How long does the game take ?

The game lasts for 45 minutes, but we need 15 minutes before each game to make the introductions. If you are 15 minutes or later, the game timer begins without you. After the game we take a picture of you and give you a short debrief. The whole experience lasts about 60-75 minutes.

Age restrictions

Minimum recommended age for team members is 15 years. Younger children are welcome in parents’ company.

Q & A

Are we really locked in the room?

The room is locked and you need to get an item or code to escape. However, the room has panic buttons that immediately unlock the door in an emergency. If you have claustrophobia you can participate in our games and leave whenever you want. People with medical conditions can also visit the toilets during the games.

Team Building events

Kastellet Escape is a great choice of activity for Team Building. The people in the teams  must cooperate, use its logic and creativity to overcome problems.

How do you find us?

Here you can see how you easily reach us.

Gift Cards / Vouchers

Do you need a unique gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or just to surprise someone? A gift card is the answer. If you give away an experience at Vaxholms Kastell to your friends, they will be grateful forever. Gift certificates are valid for 12 months after the date of purchase.

What language are the games?

All our rooms, including the introductions, are presented in English. If the group wishes, the introduction can be in Swedish, but texts and instructions inside the room are in simpler English.

How do I book?

You are just a few clicks away from your booking. Here on our website you will find all the information you need.